Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner to dance?

Absolutely not! In fact, approximately 60% of our students do not take their lessons with a partner (other than their instructor, of course!). You are more than welcome to bring your significant other to learn to dance, but we recommend, in fact, that if you are not married (or about to get married) you take your dance lessons on your own. Your teacher's main goal is to teach you how to dance with anyone, rather than just the person you came in with.

What's the difference between group and private lessons?

Private and group classes are both 45 minutes in length, but what is accomplished in that time period is vastly different. All of our instructors have exceptionally strong group class teaching expertise and you will find any group class at LonDance to be fun and informative. In your private lessons, however, teachers can truly focus on your needs and individual questions and teach you the fastest way possible.

Why can't I find any pricing information on your website?

That is a great question! We offer a wide variety of packages to new (and current) students. We believe that an instructor's job is to focus on the goals of each student and recommend a package that best suits those objectives. At the end of your first free lesson at the studio, we will give you a detailed explanation of what options are available to you based on your instructors recommendation.

What makes LonDance my best option for learning to dance in Orange County?

That’s easy! Our certified professional instructors’ enthusiasm for teaching dance rivals their passion for the art. At LonDance, our emphasis for the last 26 years has been to create a fun, inviting atmosphere which is not only conducive to learning but geared to help our students excel at every level and advance as rapidly as possible. No matter if you’re a beginner or your goal is to be a competitor, we can pair you with perfect instructor. It’s no coincidence that members of our skilled staff have been named among the top ten ballroom dance teachers in the USA, not just once but several times. And, our students regularly win top prizes in their age categories when they decide to compete! Besides private lessons, we encourage involvement in our group classes and semi-weekly parties plus provide opportunities from stage shows to competitions, to workshops and coaching from world class choreographers to help you hone your skills. From the moment you walk through the door of our studio, you’ll feel the positive energy flowing and find you have that sense of ease that lets you know you’re going to fit right in.

Do I need any previous experience to start Ballroom or Latin dancing?

There are two equally satisfactory responses to that question. Firstly, of course you don't need any previous dancing experience! We teach using the element system, which means that each dance and each step is made up of the same basic movements that you already do each and every day. So, the less experience you come in with, the better (as you have no bad habits to break)! Alternately, if you have previous experience, that's fine as well. You will find you will move quicker in some areas. But even experienced dancers find the process of learning to dance with a partner adds an entirely different dimension to their ability.

Where can I use the dancing that I am learning in my lessons?

Our instructors not only teach dancing, but they love to go dancing themselves! Each of our instructors can give you a detailed list of times and locations you can go show off your new favorite hobby! We plan to place a calender on our website listing local options for social dancing. Also, we are looking forward to providing more opportunities at LonDance itself to be a part of the social dance scene!

This second left foot keeps getting in my way, and people keep using the word 'rhythm' like it's something I lack. Are these problems I can overcome?

Our underlying philosophy is that if someone wants to learn how to dance, then no challenge is too great. Exceptional teachers have plenty of tools in their toolbox to 'fix' your concerns. And - not to be overly enthusiastic - we have outstanding teachers who will not only guide you patiently through the process of learning but will take pleasure in it. Be patient with yourself, first and foremost, and you will be amazed at the progress you will make.