Wedding Dances

You've been dreaming about it.

Spent countless hours planning it.  

Wondering how you'll feel...

Now, your wedding day is almost here. And even the smallest detail seems like a huge deal!

Surely you don't intend to leave your first dance to chance, do you?

Each of our Wedding Programs at LonDance include a FREE complimentary first lesson as well as a consultation with one of our wedding specialists.

We want you to experience how we teach so that you feel completely comfortable with your instructor and get a feel for how exciting and fun it will be to learn a new skill together.



Designed for the dancer with a deadline, this package includes 5 private lessons.

Your instructor will personally choreograph a simple routine that will be both easy to learn and unique to the couple and song selected.

You will look like the couple that took the time to do more than simply resurrect the high school shuffle. There's a good chance there will even be a dip included!

Recommendations for song length and floor dimensions will be discussed. If you have not already selected a song, your instructor will be able to assist you.



This 10 lesson package is designed for the couple that intends to present themselves with confidence.

You will be given a unique routine, choreographed by your instructor, which matches your music and allows the two of you to enjoy your moment in the spotlight.

Your wedding dance will be rehearsed enough for you both to look comfortable and relaxed.

Expect to have a unique 'walk on,' a series of fun (and easy-to-learn) steps and an ending that you will both enjoy. Not overly difficult, but it will show you both thought about it.



Do you want one of those routines that people will talk about years later?

Would you prefer the type of first dance that occupies a prominent place in your wedding album?

This 25-lesson package will leave your friends and family wanting more.

Your routine will include exciting 'tricks' and dips normally seen in professional routines.

Expert audio editing of your song is included. Though actual performance always makes the heart beat faster, you will feel that your wedding dance will be second nature by the end of this package.

Make your wedding unforgettable with us.

You will be smiling for years to come!