What We Offer

Group Classes

Learn new patterns, techniques and dance styles. Meet new, like-minded people who share your passion for dance. We offer nightly groups Monday-Friday. They feature a wide variety of classes from beginner through advanced. If you don't have a partner, don't worry or hesitate for a moment at joining in on the fun!

Non-member drop-in rate: $15 per person.

Private Lessons

Fill your life with fun, excitement and fabulous new friends with our private lessons. Whether you're a couple or individual, you'll always get your instructor's full attention. Select the dance or dances you want to focus on, set your own schedule and progress at your own pace. Your instructor will cover everything you need to learn from head to toe. So no matter where you are or who you're dancing with, go to every social occasion with confidence and ease.

Social Practice Parties

We know. It's the middle of the week and all you want to do is dance! LonDance's Wednesday night Practice Parties are perfect for you. Our parties are open to the public and everyone from beginner to advanced is welcome. Don't worry if you don't have a partner! Our studio is always jam-packed with students and staff, ready and willing to dance. Bring your favorite character to life with our themed parties and let yourself go!


Ever felt nervous to give a toast at a wedding? Or interview for a job? LonDance's showcases help you grow into a shining star! Each showcase features a theme. You and your instructor select a song you love. You work with a choreographer to design a dynamic routine created for you. You also get recommendations for hair, makeup and costuming. Then conquer the big stage and win the audience's hearts with joy and ease!

Team Matches

Improve your skills fast by competing in our Team Matches. You and your instructor will compete against your peers. They will be other students in your age division, skill level and also dance style. You can do as many dance styles as you want. Team Matches can be in-house or against another studio(s). No matter what, in these low-team spirts always runs high and everyone has a wonderful time! Plus, you'll get judges' notes to help you tweak those areas where you can use a little help. It's a win, win, win all around!

Competitive Dancing

Showcase your talent while competing against other amateurs. You and your instructor compete in American Style and/or International Style. Compete in your age division and on your skill level. There are ProAm Competitions all over the United States, in stunning venues. Stay at luxury hotels or resorts. Meet fellow amateur competitors, professionals and sometimes even celebrities! You will also have the opportunity to witness the professionals in action! Nothing could be more exciting than that. Unless you take home Top Award!

Studio Rentals

Looking for a great spot for a party, workshop or event? When not in use, the studio and its dance rooms are available for short-term rental at very reasonable rates. Your patrons will appreciate the free parking and accessible location while you have the opportunity to work with professional staff in a venue that lets you run the show your way. With a huge dance floor, a great sound system and a clean, fresh look, LonDance is a great location to get together and have some fun. Give us a call to find out more!

Get started on the path to creating a foundation to learn multiple social dances.

‍Learn new dances, practice your skills and SOCIALIZE!